2021 Classes

The instructors and classes for 2021 academy are show for reference. The 2021 NWCA was cancelled due Covid-19

please check back as we get the 2022 academy set up  

Wayne Barton                      A Lamp  Intermediate- Advanced

Penny Burns                        Nantucket Basket Weaving

Debbe Edwards                    Animal to be determined

Josh Guge                           Cedar Waxwing either open or closed wing

Chris Hammack                   Caricature Carving - Carvers Choice     

Leah Jewell                         Heron or Avocet

Pat Moore                            Carve and Paint Santa with toys

Jeff Phares                          Faces in Cottonwood Bark

Charlie Phillips                     Baskets of Illusions

Mike Reifel                           Marionette

Bob Travis                            Caricature Carving from Generic Roughout

Rich Wetherbee                  Mountain Man bust to be designed

Dick Wilk                              NW Style Carving Small Totem


Just for fun

Quilters and crafter group      

Wayne Barton-Chip Carving
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The class project is a chip carved lamp.  This is a great carving to do, you will love it.

Wayne will cover advanced concepts of design, carving and finishing.

Class is for intermediate/advanced carvers.  A great class for learning chip carving or advancing your current skills.

Penny Burns-Nantucket- Baskets
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An American Folk Art and Craft the Nantucket Lightship Basket class is unique for the Academy as it can be taken as a single day class or up to five days.     

Penny has a real passion for Nantucket Lightship Baskets.  She has been weaving Nantucket baskets for 18 years and teaching for 12 years.  She will offer a choice from over 25 different baskets of various sizes and shapes.  It will be a very casual class allowing students to come when they can.  All the baskets are easy to make, some taking more time than others. 

Penny's classes are fun and the finished product will bring every weaver a feeling of pride.

Cost of material varies on which basket you make.

Leah Jewell

Heron or Avocet

Leah's class will involve power carving and sanding

Cost: to be determined.

Debbe Edwards
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The class project will be an animal yet to be determined. The image shown is not the class project, it is an example of Debbe's work.  The 2020 class project will be shown as soon as it is available. The class will cover carving, texturing, woodburning and painting.

You will need carving tools, woodburner, paints and brushes. 
The tools used by the instructor are a knife, #3 gouge, 1/2' U-gouge, 1/4" U gouge, 3/16" veiner, 1/8" veiner.  The instructor will have some tools available for sale. 

Cost of roughout to be determined.

Josh Guge
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The class project is a Cedar Waxwing, with wing closed or open.   This is a power carving class.

Wood cut-out, pattern and references will be provided.  

Recommended tools and supplies: 
Micromotor or other power carver, extension cord with multiple outlet box, table lamp, grinding and texturing bits, wood burner and dust collector. 
..epoxy putty (Quikwood) or blue/yellow ribbon epoxy, or Apoxie Sculpt, super glues,
..paint brushes with a good point and filberts (rounded end brushes), palette and palette knife for color mixing, water container, spray bottle, paper towels, Gesso & stiff brush for application, hair dryer, acrylic paints, painters tape for masking off areas, paint stick and base to hold carving while painting.
Josh will have a compressor for use by the students.
Josh will be mixing colors for the carvings he teaches in the class.

Josh will provide a study cast students can use and return at the end of class.  The cast may also be purchased by the students.

Cost roughout and supplies to be determined.

Class: 12-15 students. 

Chris Hammack
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Carvers will have a choice of carving any caricature from Cris' collection, visit his website to select.   Chris Hammack is a gifted caricature carver.  In his class even the most experienced carver will learn a few new tricks. Shown is an example of the 2016 class projects.

Chris carves with about three tools. A knife, an 1/8" V gouge, and a #9 11mm-13mm gouge. 90% of each carving is carved with a knife.


Cost of roughout to be determined.

Rich Wetherbee
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This years project is a Mountain Man Bust, yet to be designed, Realistic Head Bust. The mountain man shown is not the class project, it is an example of Rich's work.  The class project will be shown as soon as it is designed and available.  Bring sharp palm tools, note taking materials.  Sharp tools, note taking materials, and imagination required.   

Tools needed:

Kevlar safety glove
A sharp rough out and detail knives  
Palm gouges that range in sizes from small (2mm - 5mm), medium (8mm to 12mm), and large (16mm to 25mm), in sweeps of 3 (shallow), 5, 7, 9, and 11 (No mallet tools!)
Flexcut soft V, pair of dividers, note taking materials 

Instructor will supply hand-out training aids, angle guides, carving boards and stropping station, as well as sealer, varnish and antiquing supplies and brushes.

Cost of Wood to be determined.

Pat Moore-Carve and Paint Santa with toys
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Pat Moore will teach carving and painting A Santa with toys

This class is designed with each student's individual needs in mind! Work on what you would like help on, such as laying out faces, fur and hair texture or just completing one of her projects!

Bring your favorite hand tools (No Power). Pat prefers different sizes of gouges, v-tools and bench knives.  Also a light if you so desire.

If you have any questions you can contact her at (800-825-2657) or email her info@roughouts.com