Instructors for 2014

Welcome to the Instructors for 2014 The information about each instructor is being updated.  Until the work is complete please visit their web pages for more detail about instructor.

Here you will have a moment to learn about who they are, their backgrounds and some of the things that have brought them along their path to this place and time to be with you.  Each one has a unique background that has formed their knowledgebase,tools and teaching skills.  Ask questions, take notes and enjoy...

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The instructors and classes for 2014.

Lonnie Acord                         Northwest Style Carving Bella Coola Mask.... Class has a waiting list

Wayne Barton                        Chip Carving                         

 Penny Burns                          Nantucket Baskets.... Class has a waiting list

 Debbe Edwards                     Animal Carving.... Class is full         

 Josh Guge                             Habitat

 Chris Hammack                     Western Caricature Carving                                    

 Jeff Harness                           Cottonwood Bark                             

 Joe McConnell                       Northwest Style Carving             

 Pat Moore                              Totem Indian from a roughout.... Class is full                           

 Charley Phillips                      Floral Relief                                             

 Jerry Simchuk                        Bird Carving                                      

 Fred & Elaine Stenman         Relief Carving.... Class has a waiting list                    

 Bob Travis                             Caricature Carving

Lonnie Acord – Bella Coola Mask
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Northwest Indian Carving Class will be carving a northern style Bella Coola mask.  We will be using an adz for rough out. I will have adzes on hand for student use, but not for sale. I will be able to tell students where to purchase tools after the class.  Students should test out my tools before they spend a bunch of cash for tools they might not want later on .
You should bring a straight knife and an assortment of gouges small to large. I will bring some native style carving knives for students to use but once again not for sale.  I want students to get the feel for traditional indian carving tools.  I will bring paint but students should have some paint brushes , I use a #1 liner. The class is small enough that every student will receive plenty of one on one instruction along with class instruction. This will be a no stress class and a lot of fun for everyone.

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Lonnie Acord

Lonnie has always loved drawing and working with wood. As a youngster growing up in Ketchikan, he carved many of his own toys. As a teenager in Juneau, he began studying and carving Northwest Coast art.

He has studied with some of the finest carvers on the coast. In the late 1980's, Lonnie studied mask carving with Tsimshian native friend, Frank Perez, of Metlakatla. Frank focused on carving that is rooted in tradition.

It is a matter of pride for Lonnie that his art is traditional in style and true to the work of the original masters. Lonnie carves in the Tlingit style.

Wayne Barton
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Wayne Barton

Wayne Barton

Wayne is a professional woodcarver who took his formal training in the woodcarving center of Brienz, Switzerland.  Though versed in all disciplines of woodcarving, he specializes in chip carving; his work can be found in private collections in Europe, Asia, and North America.  He is the only American to have his chip carvings in special exhibition at the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, Switzerland.  He was named Woodcarver of the Year by the editors of Woodcarving Illustrated in 2005.  Wayne has written seven popular books on chip carving and has make several appearances on The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips and The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill.  He also has designed and manufactures chip carving knives and sharpening stones recognized for their exceptional quality by enthusiasts.

Wayne is the founder and director of the Alpine School of Woodcarving, Ltd., the oldest establishment in North America dedicated to the learning and study of chip carving and devotes much of his time teaching in the United States, Canada, and Switzerland.  He has won both national and international recognition for his work and contributions to the woodcarving community in general.     

Wayne Barton-Chip Carving
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The 2014 class can select from multiple options offered by Wayne Barton.  Two of Wayne's work are shown for an example of what is offered.


Penny Burns-Nantucket Baskets
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Make Nantucket Baskets.  Penny will be offering a variety of baskets, starting with a basic 6" basket and from there making any of the samples I will bring.  She plans on bring a kleenix box cover, a nesting set of 4 baskets, or any one of the 4 sizes, a spiral fruit basket, and an oval basket.  It will be a very casual class allowing students to come when they can.  All the baskets are easy, just take time.

Penny Burns-Nantucket Baskets
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Penny Burns has been making Nantucket Baskets for 10 years and has been teaching other how to make them for 8 years.  She has owned her own craft store for the last 28 years sharing her love of arts and crafts with others artists.

Debbe Edwards -Panther
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The 2014 class project will be a panther.  There will be emphasis on muscles and the wrinkles of the animal in this carving.  The panther is also known as a puma or a cougar depending on what area it is in.  You will have the opportunity to paint your carving as any one of the three, panther, puma or cougar.

You will need carving tools, woodburner, paints and brushes. 
The tools used by the instructor are a knife, #3 gouge, 1/2' U-gouge, 1/" U gouge, 3/16" veiner, 1/8" veiner.  The instructor will have some tools available for sale. 

Fee for roughouts will be $30.00