Contributors and Sponsors

The Northwest Carving Academy is grateful to the businesses, owners and individuals  providing support through generous donations each year. 

When purchasing carving supplies, please remember the following Great Sponsors of 2017 who support our Non-Profit Academy with their gifts of product for our Raffle. 

Moore Roughouts
Cascade Carvers Supply
Drake Knives
Jo Sonja excellent paints
Razor Sharp edgemaking sharpening kits
Flexcut Knives, Gouges, and Sets
Foredom Electric power tools and bits
Colwood Woodburning
Donagan Optical
Saburr tooth
Dust B Gone
Fox Chapel Books
Wood is Good strops, sharpening compounds, mallets, and tool rolls
Fowl Play supplies
OCC Knives, Gouges, and books
Microplane rasps
Delise bird feet
Pfingst power machines and bits and burrs

Carvings were donated by these great instructors:

Chris Hammack
Jeff Harness
Pat Moore
Charlie Phillips
Jerry Simchuk
Fred and Elaine Steinman
Bob Travis
Rich Wetherbee

Donations by individuals:

Dick Weber
George Wilson
Roger Hope
Kathy Jensen
Janet Johnson
Ron Tyrrell
Barbara Summer
Joan Thiele
Connie Wickert
Joan Lee
Denis Miller
Terri Pauly
Dean Herigstad
Sally and David Nye
Dianna Mergler
Carl Kinney
Chuck and Doris Munson

Click to zoom is a great site to peruse for things to do in and around Ellensburg any time of the year.  The NW Carving Academy started working with VisitEllen last year, we added our information to the site in January and pointed people to it.  This year we will be asking people to let us know how they learned about us so we can provide feedback to the folks at VisitEllen so they can assist us in the success of the NW Carving Academy, building and promoting the great community of Ellensburg.